Shopping tips and tricks

Here’s my few shopping tips, that will make your shopping experience more pleasant and productive. Try them and let me know what helped you?

♥Don’t forget to share your personal tips in the comments bellow.

  •  Make a shopping list! Try to see what pieces you have and what you missing. Shop smart, not hard! This will stop you from buying extra “cute” things, that work at the store but not for tomorrows outfit. I mean, if its “really cute” and you can’t leave without it then Go GIRL!
  • Charge your phone! Screenshot inspirational looks and outfits for future inspiration. Make selfies and send them to your bestie, call some friends for a coffee after shopping. Why not?
  • Quick change outfit! You don’t want to get sweaty and tired changing tons of clothes in the fitting rooms. No excessive buttons or jumpsuits – save your time, use it for shopping. No extra accessories – you don’t want to loose them changing. No high heels- have some mercy to yourself.
  • Hands Free Bag ! You need your hands free for shopping. We know a lot of options like: messenger bag, tote bag, cross body bag etc. This will make your life a lot easier, trust me.
  • Start with a store where you feel the most comfortable. A happy productive shopping is the boosts what will help you feel confident and enthusiastic.
  • Check the sales and offers before you start shopping (ex: student, teacher discount). If you shop in the outlet, pass by the office center first, coupons book can save your money for unexpected splurge.
  • Hone on eye! Trust yourself, don’t follow someone’s choice it can look great on them, and not on you. Remind yourself about inspirational pictures and think twice if you really love the piece and it’s suits YOU.
  • Carry around maybe’s. DON”T LEAVE it, if someone else take it, you can miss a great deal. Before you get to cashier you have time to decide, look around, maybe you find something better, grab few sizes of the item if you’re not sure, you always can bring it back!
  • Dressing room reject. If you can’t find your size, ask the store staff for help. You never know where you can find that “WOW” item.

♥Gold is where you find it! Be curios, check the new stores, take rest and repeat the process.

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